11 November 2008

Why I Love my Girlfriend

My normally stoic-faced, doesn't-ever-wear-her-heart-on-her-sleeve, only-shares-when-she-thinks-it's-REALLY-REALLY-important girlfriend wrote this in an email to a local morning show:

Hi Bert!
First, I want to say that I love the show. I moved here from Tennessee a year ago and was wondering what I would do for morning radio... and was SO glad to find your show! I really do enjoy it. Second, let me say that I don't want to come across as someone who takes themselves and life too seriously. I try to maintain a sense of humor about things, and try not to be one of "those" people who get all riled up about things they hear on the radio.

But in light of recent events around the election, namely the passing of Prop 8 in California, along with the other measures passed against Marriage Equality, I just have to say something about some of the story lines you were talking about this morning.

I can't get married, legally, to my partner. My partner, the love of my life, whose ring I would be proud to wear no matter where, when or what, and I can't have the same legal protection under the law that Vegas Amy has. Or that Superbowl whoever would have if her $3 million dollar effort finds a man for her. And the reason that I keep hearing over and over and over again is that allowing gay people to be legally married would somehow denigrate the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

The same institution that Vegas Amy is seemingly so willing to shrug off for a weekend. The same institution that Superbowl ad woman thinks she can buy her way into. The same institution that Trey is making a "game" out of trying to find a partner for.

And I wonder how many people that you feature on your show that play so fast and loose with the sanctity of this institution would also cast a vote to deny my partner and I the right to participate in the same institution... All the while screaming about the sanctity of marriage.

I understand having a girls' night out or a whole weekend, I honestly do. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that at all! And I remember how depressing and scary the dating scene can be. But to take off your rings and present yourself as something that you aren't is, at best, offensive, and at worst is lying. I know some people who would consider it cheating to openly and purposefully flirt with people as if you were single. Even if your intentions are to not do anything beyond flirting, it is not respectful to your marriage vows or to your partner. And shows like 'The Bachelor' and this attempt to put a Superbowl ad up to find a partner do nothing but make relationships seem more like a commodity that can be bought, consumed, and tossed aside like any other disposable item in our lives than the attempt to find someone with whom you can build a serious relationship.

As Melissa stated earlier, if Vegas Amy was Vegas Andy, there is no slack or sympathy that would be afforded to him. And any double standard is wrong, wouldn't you agree? And yet these same people think there is nothing wrong with what they do, while at the same time they believe or would actively work to prevent my partner and I from having equal protection for our relationship under the law. Double standard? Hypocrisy?

Like I said, I love your show and usually find the humor in all story lines you present for our enjoyment, but the wounds from Prop 8 are apparently more raw than I even realized, and today it was just too much to hear this sacred institution of marriage being treated so lightly and with such disrespect by some of your listeners. Seriously, people, if you don't want gay people to get legally married, come up with a better argument than this whole concept of the sanctity of the institution.

Wow... I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent some of my frustration. Like I said, I really do love your show and will keep listening.

I'm so totally in love with her. Do you see why?


Wendy said...


The truly sad part is it seems in all this I've heard very few people in "traditional" marriages who would defend their right to love and marry their significant other the way you just did. Talk about your double standard!

If you can't walk the walk, don't talk the talk, if it was their right to marry whom they love that was threatened, this whole thing would become a non-issue real fast!

Thanks for sharing that Kristi!

Patrick said...

You two gals are the most awsome women!!!!! Patrick

Patrick said...

Go Angie and Kristi !!!!!!!! Many hugs,Patrick and Art