05 November 2008


Cautiously optimistic, I watch with trepidation that slowly turns to disbelief and then finally to wonder and excitement. The American People have spoken! He has done it! He's the President-Elect! Words cannot describe what I am feeling, but the tears do...they are streaming from my eyes in a way I can't seem to control. I wasn't expecting to have this kind of reaction - so emotional. I knew I had strong feelings, but I thought they were more about getting rid of the stain and stench of the last 8 years.

Listening to President-Elect Obama speak tonight, my heart swells with renewed pride in my country, and I feel...well, hopeful. I know things won't change overnight, but for the first time in my life, I truly believe that the man in office has the best interests of the American people, AND my best interests, at heart. There is an LGBT friendly White House...even more so than the Clinton years. I know they can't undo the harms against LGBT Americans wrought by the Bush Administration immediately, but I'm optimistic, cautiously again, that over time, wrongs will be righted, and fewer harmful legislative acts towards LGBT Americans will be tolerated.

My joy over the election results isn't without some disappointment. At this time, with a majority of precincts reporting, it looks like the marriage amendments in Florida and Arizona are going to pass, and with around 22% of precints reporting, the marriage amendment in California is up by about 8 points. Arkansas Initiative 1, which bans gay couples from adopting kids, looks likely to pass, as well. I guess the American people are ready for change...just not too much change at one time.

***UPDATE*** With 24% of precincts reporting, California's Prop 8 is up by only 6 points. It needs 51% to pass, and has dropped to 53% in favor of. It's 1am in Georgia. I desperately need to go to bed. California, don't let me down!

***UPDATE*** With a majority of precincts reporting, Yes on 8 maintains it's lead by around 6 points. I'm disappointed, and angry with myself for not doing more to support No on 8.

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Rachel said...

It was euphoric to be in NY last night. We drove through a neighborhood full of African Americans dancing in the streets. They wouldn't let us pass until it was clear we supported Obama, and then they cheered us along and gave us high-fives through the window. It was truly amazing! I cried about 6 times last night.

(I'm angry at Californians, though... Don't they know who butters their bread???)