25 November 2008

Finally! The state of CA sticks their nose into the business of a group who stuck their nose into someone else's business!

State of California to Investigate Mormon Church Involvement in Prop 8

Finally, someone is questioning the not-so-fine line between church and State!
People are entitled to believe that God doesn't 'condone' marriage between same gender couples. People have every right to believe they should only marry someone of the opposite gender. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but they are NOT entitled to impose those beliefs on others.

I personally believe that if we want to protect the sanctity of marriage, it should be harder for couples to obtain marriage licenses - they should have to take marriage classes, go through a year of pre-marriage counseling with a licensed professional and pass a pre-marriage test before they are issued a license. It should also be more difficult to use divorce as an option to disolve marriages. In fact, since the Bible strictly forbids divorce accept in a few rare circumstances, christians should be banned from divorce altogether, accept for those few circumstances. This is just my opinion, and I am FULLY aware that my beliefs should NEVER be used as a basis to dictate civil law, and I don't even have a 'tax exempt' status to worry about violating, like the Mormon Church does. Most people who are capable of logic and reason can recognize that the personal beliefs of one group cannot infringe upon the civil rights of another group. The Mormon Church should be held to the same degree of logical reasoniong.
I hope the State of California does a VERY thorough job of investigating this religious group, and that it gives other religious groups pause.

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Sarah Elizabeth Keck said...

I've been thinking about your post a lot lately ... is it okay for people to make decisions concerning something not affecting them? On Nov. 4th there was a question on the ballot about public school uniforms ... while I think uniforms are wonderful for schools (I always wanted them) I didn't vote because I felt like it didn't concern me. But then again ... there are a lot of things that don't directly affect me - Troy Davis' execution, the treatment of women by the Taliban, children's healthcare, etc. And yet they concern me. And I speak out. So I will continue to speak out in favor of equal marriage rights for all!!