05 May 2009

Maine and Washington, D.C.

Today, Maine's House passed the Marriage Equality Bill by a vote of 89-56. It's now on it's way back to the Senate (who voted to pass it once already) for a quick review and vote. After that it heads to the Governor's desk. He hasn't indicated whether or not he will sign it, but he does apparently have a strong history of LGBT support.

Also, the Council in Washington, D.C. voted today 12-1 to recognized ALL marriages performed in other states, including states who practice marriage equality. It now moves to the LGBT friendly Mayor's desk for approval, and will be presented to Congress, as D.C.'s laws are subject to a 30 day congressional review period. The lone dissenting vote? Former Mayor Marion Berry. You know, the one who has been married four times, caught on camera with a prostitute while smoking crack, evades his taxes and spent some quality time behind bars for his crimes? He has now come out and called himself a 'moral leader' at a recent anti-marriage equality rally. Nice.

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