04 May 2009

Where is the shock, moral condemnation and outrage?

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Forced child marriage is a pervasive human rights violation that puts young girls around the world at terrible risk. To combat this our friends at CARE are sponsoring a campaign to ensure passage of the International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act. Please follow the links below for more information and to implore your elected reps to support this bill.

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Peter Rothberg
The Nation

This came to my email today. It got me thinking...I see all those groups who claim to want to 'protect marriage and families' by demanding that we deny same gender couples the right to marry based on 'tradition' and 'biblical values.' But tell me this - where is the outrage when we hear things like this? Where was the moral condemnation and activist actions when the courts in another country denied an 8-year-old girl's petition to have her arranged marriage annulled? Where was the outspoken condemnation when a group with a certain religious affiliation was found to be practicing polygamy and 'marrying' off multiple teen girls to one 'husband' in the name of God? Where was the complete and utter freak out when the catholic church actively sought to cover up the repeated sexual abuse of young children? In fact, where was this outrage when the Pope actually ADMITTED this, and apologized for it? Sure, they may make statements about it, maybe mention what a shame it is that this is happening in the world and even in our own country, but do you see them actively working to change these atrocities with the same ferocity that they use while focusing their attention on enacting marriage bans and such?

Imagine what would happen if these groups who say their goal is only to 'protect marriage' and 'strengthen families' actually DID want to protect it...wouldn't the focus be on things that actually DAMAGE marriage and HURT children, like divorce, domestic violence, or the abuse of young people in a variety of ways while hiding behind the name of God, and not on two people who love each other and just happen to be the same gender wanting to marry?

Maybe these groups should put just HALF of the energy they spend trying to deny the right of a qualified, ordinary, tax paying American citizen to be married to the qualified, ordinary, tax paying American citizen of their choice into combating these problems. Wouldn't that really be protecting marriage and supporting families?

It baffles me. Truly.

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